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Top of the table clash: FIFA kicks off before Pro Evo

FIFA 2005 makes its debut on Oct 8

FIFA 2005, EA's long running and highly successful footy franchise is set to make its debut on all formats on Oct 8, stealing a march on Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 4, which launches one week later on Oct 15.

It's a top of the table clash which resonates every bit as much as this season's Arsenal versus Chelsea Premiership battle, as two of the most popular footy franchises go head-to-head for gamers' hearts and minds.

It also signals a bold move of intent from EA, which lost out last year when Pro Evo 3 launched a week earlier than FIFA 2004 and then saw its major footy rival achieve significant sales. Will Konami have time to respond with a release date shimmy of its own? Probably not, but the ongoing FIFA versus Pro Evo battle is very much alive.

We certainly have our own favourite here in the office, but which game do you prefer? Does FIFA rule your soccer world or is Pro Evo your footy weapon of choice? You can let us know in the forums below.