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Bloody cel! New Killer 7 screens shoot our way

Capcom's schizo shooter gets shady with new screens of hardballin' Kaede Smith

We're loving the look of Capcom's Killer 7. It's cel-shaded, it's bloody, it's violent, and it's got a schizophrenic man in a wheelchair as a main character.

He's called Harmon Smith and he's got seven different personalities. Happily each one is a bit handy with a shooter, which is handy when an evil terrorist called Kun Lan is infecting everyone with the 'Heaven's Smile' disease. It sounds nice, but it's not: it makes you grin like a loon, flip out, and kill everyone. Nasty.

These delicious new shots show off Kaede Smith, the only female personality rattling around in Harmon's head. She's got skills with an AMT Hardballer, an ultra-powerful handgun fitted with a zoom scope. It's also Agent 47 from Hitman's signature weapon, videogame pistol fact fans.


Killer 7 is out on April 1 2005. That might be an April fool's gag, but we doubt it. Until then check out the screens and have a gander here for a full preview.