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Dirty downloads: New Rallisport 2 content available

Microsoft refuel arcade rally racer with new cars, new skins and new career challenges

You can download some right filth off Xbox Live, but not that kind, you mucky pup. We're talking the Rallisport Challenge 2 expansion pack which is available now and it's so mucky it'll coat the paintwork of your Impreza with hot, sticky streaks of mud.

Which is a bit of a shame because all that dirt will obscure the new skins that come with the download. There's two for each of the game's original 43 cars. And if you fancy a whole new set of wheels, why not try out one of the four motors that come included? We've got shots of them for you to have a look at.


You'll get a BMW X5 (top-spec 4x4 favoured by inner city estate agents), a Volkswagen Touareg (oversized school-run specialist with a silly name), a Volvo 96 (diddy little Noddy car from 1967) and a Volvo Amazon (daft wee car not wearing a bikini or subjugating men, despite title). Each one comes with six different skins to collect.

There are two new career challenges to master in your new motors. Mountain Challenge is a collection of hardcore hill climbs for the horsepower whores amongst you, and Arena Challenge sticks a load of ice races and Rally Cross showdowns for those who don't like to go too far into the country.

To top it off there's a new Xbox Live 'Challenge' mode that lets you show off your powersliding prowess in daily, weekly and monthly tests. You'll be set a challenge with a specific car and course and the best times will be posted on the Live scoreboards.

Best of all, it's free! Get yourself on Live now and pick it up.