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Rallying call: World Rally Championship 4 revs up

Stunning new movie of Sony's officially-licensed dirt sprayer

People love rally. Sony wouldn't have got to the fourth installation in their officially licensed WRC series if they didn't.

One benefit of the long-running series is that WRC 4 is the only rally game to feature all the official events, stages and drivers from the World Rally Championship. The latest version, out on PS2 from October 29, features the new Mexico and Japan stages, the latest cars like the Peugeot 307 WRC, and smaller Super 1600 and Group N cars.

Another benefit is that developers Evolution have been able to hone their rally skills from iteration to iteration, resulting in a finely tuned rally monster. The last WRC games took huge steps forward in visuals and believable environments. WRC 4, as you'll see from the movie, looks even tastier.


Rallisport Challenge 2 better watch its back: not only does WRC 4 look good, it's packing online modes too. The usual scoreboards and time trial stuff is present and correct, and you'll be able to race head-to-head with another player. He'll be ghosted out so there's no shunting and bumping, but it will add a much needed injection of competition to the normally solitary motorsport.

Fire up the movie for a test drive. We'll bring you more info, screens and verdict when we've got them.

WRC 4 Trailer
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