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Full Spectrum ...cough up!

New missions available a price

Full Spectrum Warrior, the acclaimed Xbox squad-based tactical shooter from Pandemic Studios, gets two new missions today in the form of Epilogue One, which is being made available for download via Xbox Live.

Normally the thought of another crack at FSW's tactical excellence would have us poking a gun barrel carefully around the corner, before spraying lead all over the shop. But as we reported way back when, the two new missions are pretty much the same ones that will appear in the PC version of the game, which is due for deployment this very Friday.

Set just after the epic conclusion of the single-player game, the two new Xbox missions see you on Search and Destroy duties, cutting a swathe through an enemy held shanty town, before taking command of an assault on the hidey hole of one of Al Afad's sons.

The bad news? Well THQ want you Xbox players to cough up £2.99 for the privilege. No bad deal you might think for an extra slice of FSW goodness, but is it something you're happy being charged for? Especially when PC players get the two missions all inclusive?

Don't get us wrong, we have no problems with paying for huge swathes of extra content like PGR 2's extra cities, and this would certainly be the case with FSW's promised Epilogue 2, if it contains a deal of great new stuff.

But should Xbox fans pay extra for what PC fans are getting free? What do you think? Let us know in the forum below....