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Black Hawk Down delayed on Xbox

Minor slip to allow for funked-up Xbox Live features and more

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down on Xbox has been delayed, NovaLogic has announced, the Climax-handled port of the original PC FPS now due out in Q1 2005.

The decision has been taken to push the game back to extend development time and allow the development team to "really focus on the Xbox Live features planned for the title," according to NovaLogic president Lee Milligan.

Milligan adds that: "We are also working on a few other features, exclusive to the game, which could make Delta Force: Black Hawk Down one of the best and most talked about Xbox Live titles of 2005."

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down on Xbox is based on the PC first-person shooter of the same name and focuses on the ill-fated Operation Restore Hope and the US military's actions in Somalia in 1993 where it conducted raids on Somali warlords in and around Mogadishu.