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Capcom Fighting Jam punches for November release

Capcom unleash 2D fighting greatest hits collection November in US, December in Japan, February in UK

2D fighters have been enjoying a bit of a renaissance this year, what with Street Fighter II celebrating its fifteenth anniversary and SNK slapping out all sorts of King of Fighters flavours on PS2 and Xbox.

Here's the cherry on the big birthday cake: Capcom Fighting Jam hits Japanese arcades this Friday (October 8) and the PS2 and Xbox versions will follow hot on its heels.

American pugilists will get punched in the face first on November 16. The US version will be renamed Capcom Fighting Evolution and will be available on PS2 and Xbox. Online Xbox play is rumoured, but Capcom hasn't confirmed this to us.


Japanese fighter fans will get scrapping on December 2 and it looks like they'll only get a PS2 version.

And then little old Europe brings up the rear (again) around February with a PS2 and Xbox version. We expect to get the Evolution tag rather than the funkier Jam subtitle on our release too.

The game itself brings together and all-seeing-stars cast from Street Fighter II, Street Fighter III, Street Fighter Alpha, DarkStalkers and Red Earth. In a similar fashion to this year's Street Fighter II Anniversary Edition the idea is to keep each character true to the game they came from, allowing hardcore fans to face off fighters from different versions against each other.

Players will choose two scrappers and then decide which one to fight with at the beginning of each round. All the special moves, combos and handcuffs of the original versions are included for maximum authenticity.

From what we've seen and heard Capcom Fighting Jam isn't breaking boundaries, or even trying too. It's meant to be an unashamed treasure trove of Capcom fighting fun that purists should absolutely bust their fireballs over.

Get a taste for some old school fighting with our screens and art, then check back here for more news on Fighting Jam.