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THUG lovin': Hot new THUG 2 movie

Let THUG 2's executive producer teach you the rules of the underground

Hold on to your hats: THUG 2's out in the US now and it's already picked up some pretty impressive scores. After the slight disappointment of last year's Tony Hawk instalment it really seems like developer Neversoft has taken gamers' comments on (skate)board and ground out the sequel we all wanted.

For a start the classic two-minute time trial mode has made a return, much to the delight of Tony Hawk purists. Then there's more customisation options than ever, a ton of new tricks like the Natas Spin, massive outdoor levels with more destructible scenery, a load of... actually, there's so much new stuff to go through you might as well just watch this excellent walkthrough of the new features by Brian Bright, the game's executive producer at Neversoft.

Take a look at the footage then check out our screens and hardcore hands-on with the Hawkster's latest here. The World Destruction Tour hits the UK this Friday (October 8) on PS2, Xbox and GameCube.

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 movie
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