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Wings Of War

You've got to give them kudos for trying I suppose. While the entire games industry (bar the odd Russian developer or two) is fleeing like a Floridian pensioner from the hurricane of disaster that is the flight sim genre, Silver Wish Games not only jumps headfirst into the oncoming wind and rain, but jumps in with a World War ONE sim. There's brave and then...

Actually, 'sim' is pushing things a bit. The easy description of Wings Of War is LucasArts' Secret Weapons Over Normandy with biplanes, and set 20 years or so earlier. It's arcade flying at its most simple. Missions all take place on giant landscapes and contain multiple objectives that are constantly updated as you fly. Realism is firmly tucked away in the drawer marked 'surplus to requirements'. WOW's main problem (aside from ploughing its furrow in a field of interest to very few people) is with pacing.


Missions are just too long and leave your hands feeling numb. By the time you've shot down your 20th enemy plane before the first save point comes
along, you really don't have much interest in seeing what comes next.

There's some novelty to be had from multiplayer - a sort of deathmatch in the air affair - but nothing that will make any kind of impression after you finish.

Old-timers may well remember the golden era of Red Baron, but those days are long gone my friends. Time to hang up the scarves.

The verdict

Fire and forget.