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City mourns Superman

Spontaneous salute from online heroes...

A sad loss, that's the overwhelming feeling following the tragic news of Christopher Reeves' death which was widely reported yesterday.

The actor, who became synonymous with his most famous role as Superman, was also a tireless campaigner for the disabled, following a tragic horse riding accident in 1995, in which his spinal cord was severed.

Yet despite being confined to a wheelchair and breathing through a ventilator, Reeve refused to give into despair and his tireless and sometimes controversial campaigning brought hope to millions. A hope embodied in a recent commercial in which Reeve's face was superimposed on an another actor's body and he appeared to walk again, realising his long standing dream.


But Reeve's story went beyond that and he also became an almost irresistible symbol: Superman laid low and made mortal by the cruellest form of kryptonite, but fighting his disability with a humanity and dignity which was an inspiration to us all.

All very well, but what's this news doing on a gaming site you may ask? Well occasionally the business surprises you and cuts through the layers of cynicism of the most even the most twisted, hardened cynical journalistic heart. That was the case, when we came across these spontaneous tributes to Reeve on City of Heroes superhero game site Warcry.

We think they pretty much speak for themselves.