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Creep a lid on it: New Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory movies and screens

Sam Fisher breaches stealth and safety guidelines with some vicious new takedowns

You'll have to wait until for Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory's PC and Xbox release on March 31 to try them out for yourself, but we've got some deliciously violent movies of Sam Fisher's new and improved takedowns for you to study.

Chaos Theory is promising a whole new level of brutality for the classic stealth series and these new moves certainly prove the point. The powerful new open-palm strike which sends your opponent flying and the non-lethal knee attack (basically a swift kneecap to the nuts) are both fairly tame, if effective ways to incapacitate nosey guards.


But if you really want to silently bring the pain check out the sweet neck chop where Sam sneaks up behind his prey, delivers a crushing paralysing blow to their neck, then catches their lifeless body before it hits the deck. Now that's stealthy.

Or you could just be a vicious, cold-hearted killer and off your enemy with the new knife attack. From the front Sam darts out and sticks his prey quickly and efficiently, and from the back he wraps his arm around the unlucky punter's mouth then plunges his blade into the meaty portion of the back. That will definitely sting in the shower.

These new moves are going to be especially cool in Chaos Theory's advanced multiplayer modes. You'll be able to put them into practice against mercenaries in the eight-player Versus Mode and Ubisoft have promised two-player coop play in the main story mode. We've got three new screens of the versus mode to check out.

You can see all these new moves for yourself in our movies and screens, and if you want to sneakily gather some more intel on Sam's upcoming missions head here for stacks more hot information.

More info on the Xbox and PC versions of Chaos Theory and any announcements about other formats as we get it.

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