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Commandos: Strike Force goes into action

Eidos officially announces the tactical FPS based on the strategy franchise. First screens inside

Commandos: Strike Force, details on which leaked onto the Internet back in June, has been officially announced by Eidos this morning.

As revealed previously, the game is a first-person shooter underway at Pyro Studios, based on the developer's Commandos WWII strategy series. Action fanatics get to take control of Strike Force, an elite fighting unit consisting of the Green Beret, Sniper and Spy, players able to leap into the combat boots of each team member and utilise the unique abilities of each person in the three-man squad.

Strike Force's Green Beret is the combat and heavy weapons expert, the Sniper the expert marksman and the Spy, naturally, is stealth maestro. "It is up to you how you execute plans of attack by combining the Commandos' unique skills," comments Eidos.


No surprise to learn that the game is set in the war-torn Europe of World War II, with Strike Force operating behind enemy lines and attempting to complete a series of linked missions that take the team through France, Russia and Norway. Obviously the entire mission list hasn't been exposed, but Eidos says we'll have to complete such objectives as "destroying a Nazi ship, ambushing enemy troops, freeing French Resistance prisoners and kidnapping."

"A variety of original online multiplayer modes" are also promised along with the single-player campaign, although there are no more details on online/LAN modes at this time.

Commandos: Strike Force is in development for PC, Xbox and PS2 and is currently pencilled in for a Spring 2005 release.