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The Ape Escape part trois...

Ook ...and pass the bananas old boy

Okay there's no disguising it, we like apes. Apes, monkeys, chimps, orang-utans, any and all members of the family Pongidae, with tail or without, close or indeed distant relatives of homo sapiens, we're not prejudiced as the appreciation of monkeydom is indeed a broad church.

You get the picture: whether it's going bananas over Super Monkey Ball 2 (ouch - Ed ), scaling tall buildings to terrify Fay Wray in King Kong (better - Ed), or just sitting around and scratching ourselves (an all too frequent occurrence unfortunately - Ed), all things ape, are good by us.

So further delight in the C&VG monkey house today, over Sony's announcement of Ape Escape 3, the third instalment of its awesome ape catcher, which has previously been a huge smash on PS2.

No further details have emerged from Sony HQ for the moment, but with the Ape brand even going so far as to rear its head in Metal Gear Solid 3, we're clearly right at the cutting edge of fashion with our ape-related fetish.

More details from the monkey house as they happen, but for the moment we're off to check progress in that special C&VG room where we keep an infinite amount of monkeys and an infinite amount of typewriters, to see how they're getting on with that Half-Life 2 review.