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Riddick PC Developer's Cut details

And we don't mean politically correct...

Although it's late on a Friday afternoon when all sensible people's thoughts turn pub-ward, we couldn't sign off for the weekend without updating you on fresh details and first screens from the Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher's Bay Developer's Cut, the PC version of the acclaimed Xbox shooter.

The new developer's cut will offer PC players exclusive new content in the form of a 'mech for players to control, as well as a new arena where you'll be able to test your survival skills against some of the most hardened criminals in the galaxy. The good news? It'll be out in time for Christmas!


You want more? Okay, it's just the first in a whole new line of Riddick-based shooter slaughter...

Produced in association with Vin Diesel's very own Tigon studios, the Developer's Cut looks like one saucy slice of gaming goodness and Cos Lazouras, production exec for Tigon Studios had this to say: ""We envision The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay - Developer's Cut to be the latest iteration in an ongoing franchise of games based-on and inspired by the Riddick universe.

"Like the console version, players of the Developer's Cut will be treated to a game that blends multiple gaming genres into one seminal gaming experience. However, for the Developers Cut we further refined the experience adding more action, enemies and locations for the player to explore."

We'll track down further details as they emerge, but for the moment, that's your lot. We're off to the pub, enjoy.