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Tron 2.0 Killer App

For a game based on a film inspired by games, Tron is the obvious choice for a movie conversion. We've still got a soft spot for The Last Starfighter, though. Spaceships dropping out of the sky to whisk you away to another planet all because you managed to get a high score on some crap arcade game? Ah, those were the days. Still, at least we're not having to endure an unwelcome return for The Lawnmower Man or eXistenZ: The Game, God forbid.

Anyway. Tron's visual uniqueness is what sticks in people's minds, and this gaming sequel does a great job recreating those remarkable environments. It manages to remain faithful to the film's distinctive blue-grids-on-black-backgrounds thing, but cranks up the visual sexiness a hundredfold. Smothered in glowing colours and neon deliciousness, there's so much more going on here than at first appears that you can't fail to be impressed.


On Your Bike
This truly original setting is the big hook with Tron 2.0: Killer App. As a shooter it's very similar to all the other usual suspects on Xbox. You grab a gun or one of the other movie-inspired weapons, and blast viruses and rogue programs in an attempt to stop them from corrupting the entire network. Of course, the problem with using the setting as such a major attraction is the danger that the initial wow factor and novelty interest might wear off to leave you with just another fairly decent shooter. Not to worry, though, for Tron has a trump card: light cycles.

Not only do you get to rip viruses to shred with hoofing great guns but you get to blast around on those lightning fast bikes the film is best remembered for. Super-quick reactions are essential, and the blistering speed really will mesmerise your eyes in a way Christiano Ronaldo can only dream about.

The Xbox-specific multiplayer games will combine these two gaming elements to provide a totally unique shooting/racing online experience. The maps and levels are vast and ready for some Capture the Flag action where you can gun your way to that precious flag then hop on your light cycle and get your arse back to base sharpish. This one's looking interesting...