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Second Sight competition

We bet you didn't see this one coming...

Ah, we have to confess we've been a little slow of the mark with this one, but still, they say the best things come to those who wait.

For those of you who missed out on a chance to play Second Sight when it was released last month, here's a chance to not only win a copy of the game, but to scoop up a lovely limited edition PS2 and assorted Second Sight goodies.

Developed by Free Radical, the award-winning house behind the excellent TimeSplitters series, Second Sight places you in the gown and hospital slippers of John Vattic,
as he awakens from a coma in a US medical facility where he has been subjected to traumatic surgery and experimentation.


He doesn't know his name, he can't remember his past, all he knows is that his only hope for survival is to escape and unravel the mystery that has led to his imprisonment. Haunted by flashbacks, Vattic is shocked to discover he's been blessed or possibly cursed with advanced psychic powers. As he searches to uncover the mysteries of his forgotten past, he uncovers a fatal chain of events leading to a sinister conspiracy...

First Prize:

Limited edition Silver PS2 console and a copy Second Sight

Runners-up prizes

5 goodie bags containing magic cards (play psychic mind tricks with special Second Sight branded cards), a selection of Codemasters posters and special Behind-the-Scenes 'making of' DVD.

You can enter by answering the question below.