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Koei gets hardcore with Phantom Brave and La Pucelle Tactics

Ultra-anoraky RPGs confirmed for European release. Warning: talk of battle grids, dungeon maps and turn-based combat inside. Screens too

Did you play Disgaea? If you did, how are you feeling? Skin still pale from lack of sunlight? Have you showered yet?

Koei's super-hardcore PS2 RPG was ultra-nerdy but ultra-brilliant. If you like that sort of thing. The good news for Disgaea fans is that Koei has announced that it's bringing two more PS2 RPGs from Nippon Ichi Software to Europe next year.

The first is Phantom Brave, the story of an orphan in the year 921 who can natter with phantoms. She's a Chroma, see, which is a 'magical mercenary' of sorts, so she goes around the world of Ivoire summoning phantoms and resolving disputes.

La Pucelle Tactics

Phantom Brave's viewed from the same isometric perspective as Disgaea and shares a similar visual style, but this time there's no battle grid to restrict your movement. We're liking the sound of the Phantom creation feature, which lets you construct a supernatural army by mixing and matching over 400 different skills and spells, and we're told there's over 100 hours (!) of gameplay.

La Pucelle Tactics is not a military opera but another isometric RPG in a similar mould. This time you'll control three demon hunters as they rid the world of nastiness. Strategic thinking is important, like using the terrain to your advantage, attacking in waves and combining weapons and magical abilities. This one reckons it's got 120 hours of gameplay.

Good, eh? We've got screens for you to look at and we'll bring you more news on these titles as soon as it gets to us.