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Superstars in our EyeToys: Hands-on with Sega Superstars

Or rather, because it's an EyeToy game, hands-in. Or something. New screens too

You know, we always liked EyeToy, but even when we were chuckling ourselves mental at our crazy arm-waving antics we always had the sneaking suspicion that the games weren't that good.

It was a laugh for a bit, especially after a couple of shandies or when someone with the hand-eye coordination of a brick got involved, but you didn't keep playing EyeToy: Play for hours like you would any other game, did you?

And then we played Sega Superstars. It's still got that familiar "wayhey I'm on the telly!" feeling and still keeps onlookers amused by making you look like a ten-gallon idiot while you play, but it's fun. Long time fun. It's the first collection of EyeToy games we'd actually break out even if we weren't drunk/entertaining a mob of friends/extremely bored. This is a wonderful thing.


You get twelve games for your £29.99 (or you can buy it with the EyeToy for £39.99), all based on popular Sega franchises. While some smack of desperate Team Sonic members plucking at straws to find a connection between the original game and an EyeToy spin off (hang your head in shame Crazy Taxi), others are delightful creations that make you cherish the fact that your arms are connected to your body.

Here's our rundown of each game, in rough order of preference:

Puyo Pop Fever
Brilliant, head-spinning, bean-flicking brilliance. Beans tumble from the top of the screen and you've got to funnel them into colour-coded trays with whichever part of your body you fancy. Clever use of the EyeToy tech and more fun than picking scabs.

Put your arms out to the sides like a footballer doing the 'aeroplane' after scoring, then move them up and down to guide your character through the rings. Soothing, exhilarating, and if you play it on a big enough screen, actually feels like you're flying - sort of.

Chu Chu Rocket
Lots of little mice drop onto a track, Lemmings-esque, and you've got to wave your hand over the trapdoors so they can reach the spaceship in safety. Which is fine, until millions of them start coming and you've got to manage about twelve trapdoors. Fries you brain up into a tasty omelette you'd love to eat if it wasn't made from your brains.

Super Monkey Ball
Like NiGHTS, you use your arms to tilt the tables and guide your monkey-in-a-ball to safety. Probably not a long-term replacement for the analogue stick, but a cracking laugh and you won't be able to stop yourself swaying all over the place like a elderly drunk.


Samba De Amigo
Listen to Latin music (there's more to it than Ricky Martin, apparently), shake arms over circles, have fun. It's great and works perfectly on EyeToy, but it's really just a glorified version of EyeToy: Groove and, damn it, we miss our maracas!

Use your arms to guide Sonic through a tube, collecting rings and avoiding spiky stuff. Probably a bit like being a tube driver while indulging in substances that should not be indulged in by public transport workers. And it's a bit like Tempest in a weird way, which is nice.

Billy Hatcher
Roll an egg over fruit to make it bigger, thus facilitating easier squashing of baddies. Imitates real-life rolling techniques - push right hand to make egg go left, and vice versa. It's the Pro Evo of egg rolling. Big 3D environments make it even more impressive.

Virtua Fighter
Punch. Block. Punch. Block. KICK HIS HEAD IN! Good fun, but not as good as beating up your brother/sister/next door neighbour.

Space Channel 5
Samba De Amigo sans the Latin music, dancing teddy bears and mentalist with maracas. Nuff said.

Virtua Striker
Header a ball and try and hit balloons. Disappointing, and you don't get a yellow card for using your hands which is too much of a suspension of our disbelief. And you better believe we got lots of disbelief.

House of the Dead
Flick zombies to get rid of them. We've watched loads of zombie movies and if this worked in real-life then they wouldn't be quite as scary.

Crazy Taxi
Wave your arms, clap your hands, scream like a banshee who's just stepped on a tack so the Crazy Taxi picks you up. Forgettable.

There you go. We should also point out that it makes your arms hurt like heck, so if you or any of your family or friends suffer from horrendous chicken wings Sega Superstars should tone those flaps up quicksmart.

You can buy Superstars tomorrow, but until then take a look at the screens and head here for a sneak peek at the game's intro movie. And do some stretches.