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Devil May Cry 3 weeps into next year

Tears shed as Capcom's super-stylish demon-destroyer disappears into March 2005

The web's been buzzing with rumours of yet another delay to Devil May Cry 3's US release date, and while Capcom itself is still listing DMC 3 for a Winter release, American retail sources have it down for March 8 next year.

So where does that leave us in the UK and Europe? The original released date we had was November 12, but we can safely assume that's out the window. Capcom is now listing it for a March 2005 release and we've heard strong indications that a US/Europe (if not worldwide) simultaneous release is on the cards.

Why the delays? No one seems to know. We've certainly seen the game running a few times and it's always seemed to be perfectly well on track. Could be something to do with the fact that a demo of DMC3 will be bundled with Japanese copies of Resi 4, which itself is having its fair share of delays. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.


In related news we've been sent a new logo for the game by Capcom and noticed it's now sporting a 'Dante's Awakening' subtitle. Since the game is a prequel of sorts to the action of DMC 1 and 2 this makes plenty of sense. We've attached it for you to have a gander.

DMC 3 will let you customise your fighting style using four move sets: the ultra-fast and acrobatic Trickster, the heavily heat-packing Gunslinger, the blade wielding Swordmaster and the defensively minded Royal Guard.

For more info, a coffin-load of screens and some awesome movies, head over here. More news on DMC3 as it comes to us.