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The Bard's Tale takes a leak

Smart-ass developers plan to leak comedy RPG to get a bite of the 'theft' publicity pie

If you were wondering what sort of comedic tone The Bard's Tale was going for, check out the following quote from Brian Fargo, founder of developers inXile Entertainment and creator of the original 1985 game. We know these are the days of a reduced sodium consumption, but take this with not so much a pinch ...but more like a barrel of salt.

"The Bard's Tale is a highly original game in the same category as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Half-Life 2 and Halo 2 so we feel some sort of leak may be the next logical step in our release plans. Of course, we would immediately condemn the leak and make every effort to stop it if we proceeded with it."

Clever, Mr Fargo, very clever indeed. With big name games bagging extra publicity (although probably not the kind they really want) we applaud inXile's attempt to get in on the action.

The tongue-in-cheek announcement fits perfectly with the tone of The Bard's Tale. It's a light-hearted story of a roguish wanderer who favours 'coin and cleavage' above glory and honour. Not only does the top-down RPG want to rail against the nerdy and humourless conventions of the genre, it's also seeking to streamline the annoying little niggles that alienate a lot of gamers.

So you've got pokes at the traditional 'go and kill a few rats' early missions so favoured by RPGs and sensible additions like loot that automatically turns into cash if it's no use to you.

Any talk of a leak is obviously rubbish and with all due respect to inXile, lining The Bard's Tale up against San Andreas, Halo 2 and Half-Life 2 is a bit ambitious. Still, they have managed to secure a good bit of coverage with their stunt so good on 'em.

Coincidentally The Bard's Tale is out in the US tomorrow (what a surprise!) and it's listed for a November 26 release on PS2 in the UK, with the Xbox version following a week later. However, The Bard's Tale was to be published by Acclaim over here so we're unsure if it'll be jammed up in the bankrupt company's legal mire.

And just in case you come across anything on the net inXile suggest you forward any information on "unauthorized downloads, scans or videos" to Good work fellas.