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PSP fantasy becomes reality

Sony's handheld gets a Final Fantasy VII spin-off and we get new screens of UMD version of Advent Children

Just when the news of the Japanese release date and pricepoint for Sony's PSP starts to sink in, Square-Enix has come along, tickled our FF glands, and got us all excited.

Most excitingly, the developer has announced plans for an all-new Final Fantasy VII game that'll be exclusive to PSP. Subtitled Crisis Core, it's another piece of the four-part Compilation of Final Fantasy VII that also includes Advent Children on DVD and PSP UMD, Before Crisis on mobile phones and Dirge of Cerberus on PS2.

Confused? If you want to learn more about the other three game in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, we've got a good round up here.


Square are describing Crisis Core as an "action RPG" but no other information (other than a horrifically vague and distant 2006 Japanese release date) is available. We have noticed one cool thing, though. If you line up the four games together check out what happens:

FFVII: Advent Children (DVD) takes place two years after the original PSOne game.
FFVII: Before Crisis (Mobile) takes place 6 years before the PSOne game.
FFVII: Crisis Core (PSP) - no information as yet.
FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus (PS2) - three years after the PSOne Game and one year after Advent Children

See? Alphabetical order! Before Crisis certainly sounds like it would come ahead of Crisis Core in the overall storyline. Two problems: the chronology doesn't line up so we don't get many clues about Crisis Core's timeframe, and apparently Crisis Core is only a working title and may well be changed.

We're excited about the possibility of PSP's wireless features being used in Crisis Core, but we can only speculate at the moment. Before Crisis uses wireless technology to stream information to your game and supports camera-phone technology, so hopefully Square will take advantage of PSP's expansive wireless capabilities.

The only other solid info we know is staffing details. Yoshinori Kitase, the guy who directed the original FFVII on PSOne will handle production duties, while Hajime Tahata directs. Both these guys also worked on Before Crisis, the mobile phone portion of the Compilation, which perhaps adds weight to the theory that Crisis Core is a continuation of the events in Before Crisis and strengthens the possibility of wireless features. Tetsuya Nomura, who created the characters in the original FFVII, handles character design.

And since we can't bring you any further info or screens on Crisis Core we've hooked you up with a few FFVII: Advent Children screens to get you in the mood. Remember - it's a CG movie, not a game.

More news on any of these FFVII titles as soon as we get it.