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Full Spectrum Warrior attacks PS2

THQ announces vicious action RTS set to launch offensive on PS2 after Xbox and PC versions

Battle-hardened from two successful campaigns on Xbox and PC, THQ have announced that they're bringing tactical military shooter Full Spectrum Warrior to the PS2.

The port has been given a US release date in March. No details are available on the UK release date at present, but we figure it'll be available around the same time.

The tense, squad-based combat based on a US Army training simulation will remain, but THQ haven't announced any other details about the PS2 version. Online multiplayer features would be nice, and the PC version came bundled with two additional 'Epilogue' missions (you can also download them over Xbox Live) that'll hopefully show up too.

We're also keeping our fingers crossed that developers Pandemic will sneak in some extra missions, weapons and features, but THQ are keeping their traps fully shut on this.

Good news for PS2 strategy nuts, although we can't help but feel that FSW's transition is a long time coming. Extra content could help sweeten the deal.

More news on PS2 Full Spectrum Warrior as we get it. If you want to check out a battalion of screens and info on the Xbox and PC version, march over here.