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Resi 4 infects PS2

New strain of the T Virus proves extremely effective at cross-species infection - Cube exclusive now heading for PS2

In a move that will have hardcore GameCube fans wanting to chew on someone's brains Capcom has announced that its former Cube exclusive Resident Evil 4 will also be available on PS2.

A statement made by Capcom in Japan spoke of how the decision was taken to satisfy the wishes of Resident Evil fans and that both versions would be designed to take advantage of the respective console's "characteristics".

No specific release date has been set at present, but Capcom has narrowed the window down to late 2005. The GameCube version is presently due for a late January release in Japan and the US, with Europe following around May, so there should still be a small window of exclusivity.

Still, Cube fans are likely to be seriously aggrieved that the stunning-looking next instalment in the Resident Evil series will no longer be exclusive to their system. Not only is the game shaping up to be a blood-soaked cracker, the violent subject matter and gruesome gore levels would have given GameCube's more mature players some refreshingly adult content.

But in a way the announcement shouldn't come as too big a shock. Of Capcom's other much-vaunted Cube 'exclusives', Viewtiful Joe was destined to be a Cube-only before henshin-a-go-going over to PS2, Killer 7 is also set to hit PS2, and Dead Phoenix has been canned.

As far as the PS2 version of Resi 4 goes, no other gameplay details are available at the moment. Regardless of Capcom's "Characteristics" talk, if it's not absolutely identical to the Cube version we'll put a hessian sack over our heads, grab a chainsaw, and chop off our own arms. Some exclusive content for each version might be a good way for Capcom to keep fans happy. Make it happen fellas.

If you're a PS2 fan who wants to gloat over what you'll be getting next year, or a Cube fan who wants to weep gently over the lost exclusive, head here for tonnes of coverage and screens.

More news on the spread of Resi 4 to PS2 as soon as it infects our bloodstream with more info and images.