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Pariah blasts in: New screens

Tantalising images from Digital Extremes' PC and Xbox sci-fi action-fest

So far so good for Pariah, the latest project from Digital Extremes already looking a class act. Snazzy visuals and action it's got - by the bucket-load it seems - and we've been impressed by the news that the developer plans to bowl us over with a top-notch storyline, a storyline where "you have an emotional investment in the situation and the characters," according to DE's James Schmalz, who adds that "we're trying to do that more so than anyone has done before".

Sci-fi shooter Pariah is set in the far-future, the game a "plunge into destruction, despair and disease" with players filling the shoes of burned-out doctor Jack Mason. Stranded with an infected patient "deep within the most vicious prison sectors of a wasteland called Earth", Mason is caught up in a race against time as an orbiting platform prepares to initiate a biohazard containment procedure and 'cleanse' the planet surface,


Vehicles, big guns, the trusty old Unreal engine humming away beneath it all... Oh yes.