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A comical consequence of the superb physics engine is the ability your driver has to be catapulted out of his vehicle and sent sprawling over the roadside, ragdolling around until he slows down to a stop. Making use of this are the fantastic Bonus games, which are both valuable for earning extra cash, and immensely fun (see Game of Life and Death, above). And while we're on the subject of fun, FlatOut caters for the whole family too. Up to four players can battle it out via split-screen (being suspiciously inbred, that should be enough to cover mum, dad, aunts, uncles, kids and cousins, shouldn't it?). For those with extended family, or if Peggy Sue starts showing again, up to eight players can duke it out over System Link or Xbox Live. Look out for the full Live review next month, but we're sure the game will provide just as much dirt-kicking devilry as the brilliant System Link games do.


So there we go. You could say FlatOut is a bit like your favourite page three girl. Great to look at, boasting accentuated physical attributes that sometimes defy gravity, yet underneath is a filthy minx who loves to get dirty with a group of mates. Fun, enjoyable and instantly playable.

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The verdict

A deliciously destructive driving title with an emphasis on fast, frantic fun. Hold on tight to this scuzzy southern belle.

Bugbear Entertainment
Empire Interactive
Racing / Driving