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TOCA and Colin McRae gear-up for PSP

Codemasters' key racing franchises heading to Sony's handheld in Spring 2005. First screens from McRae PSP inside

Colin McRae Rally 2005 and TOCA Race Driver 2: The Ultimate Racing Simulator are heading to Sony's PSP, Codemasters has announced this afternoon.

Both titles are pencilled in for a Spring 2005 release, although the UK developer and publisher says that McRae will lead the company's charge onto the handheld, with TOCA 2 power-sliding in shortly after.

In development at Six By Nine, the studio behind the last three McRae games on PC, Colin McRae Rally 2005 on PSP is described as a "special edition", Codemasters revealing that the game will feature "over 30 rally cars, a diverse range of rally events, cups and championships to create a world of rallying for players on the move".


"The game's structure," adds Codemasters, "enables players to pick up and play for as long as they wish - whether it be hours or 5 minutes at a time - their progress will be updated without having to wait for a save point." And as well as including the likes of 4WD Championship and Career play modes, McRae 2005 PSP will also support multiplayer over wireless network.

TOCA Race Driver 2 on PSP is being handled by OutRun2 developer Sumo Digital, and is crammed with real performance cars, the series' trademark damage model, real-world physics and "real driver AI".

Built on the TOCA game engine created by Codemasters' motor racing game studio, the handheld version of the racing sequel will boast all 15 motorsports present in the PS2 iteration, along with 30-plus global championships and 52 circuits.

And if that's not enough, TOCA 2 on PSP will display up to 21 cars racing on track simultaneously and have WiFi-enabled LAN play for up to eight players. Blimey.

That's all for now folks. But don't forget to check out the first screenshots from Colin McRae 2005 on PSP, uploaded to this very page. We hope to have images of TOCA 2 PSP in the near future.