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Exclusive from Hell: New Constantine screens

Hell hath no fury like, um, bad creatures from Hell

John Constantine, star of SCi's horror action-adventure Constantine, is a man who's quite literally been to Hell and back. Striking a pact with the devil to cure his lung cancer and going back on the deal, the chain-smoking anti-hero now finds himself battling every embodiment of nastiness the netherworld can throw his way.

Not the line of work we'd go for, but armed with an array of crazy weapons - crucifix shotgun anyone? - and the likes of true-sight which allows him to spot demons in human guise, Constantine is definitely the right man for the job.

In terms of plot, the game more or less follows the storyline of the forthcoming Keanu Reeves movie on which SCi's game is based. Circumstances bring together Constantine and police detective Angela Dodson to form an unlikely partnership seeking the truth behind the mysterious suicide of Dodson's twin sister.


Constantine's adventure finds him switching between reality (contemporary Los Angeles) and Hell (also arguably contemporary Los Angeles), as both he and Dodson "seek to find their own peace at whatever cost".

Constantine is due out early next year on PS2 and Xbox. In the meantime, enjoy the new screenshots.