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For fox sake... New Star Fox: Assault screens

Nintendo's foxiest superstar's latest gets new name and a barrage of screens

Star Fox: Assault is the new name for Namco's upcoming spin on the classic Nintendo franchise, with McCloud himself taken out of his horrifically blocky 3D spaceship and set loose on his paws - presumably tailed by a bunch of red-coated intergalactic toffs on space horses.

It's looking a lot like Rare's moderately-received Star Fox Adventures, but the real bonus with Assault is that you can play coop or competitively with up to four players via the wonderful medium of splitscreen. Falco, Peppy and Slippy all lend their respective talons, ears and warts as you leap from vehicle to vehicle and take on a dastardly "new enemy". Oooh...


Visually it's looking pretty tasty, especially the deep-space combat sections showing off loads of ships battling on screen at one time.

Unfortunately, while Star Fox: Assault is due out in the US on November 29, here in the UK and Europe we're going to have to wait until February 2 next year. In the meantime, enjoy the screens.