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Playboy's bunnies come out to play

New screens reveal the charmed life of Hugh Hefner in Playboy: The Mansion

Cyberlore Studios sure know how to tease us. Ten new screens of Playboy: The Mansion just arrived that have perked us up from our morning slumber and managed to put a rather broad smile on our face.

Playboy: The Mansion is shaping up to become a dream come true for plenty of red blooded males, boasting one of the greatest game concepts ever conceived - you are Hugh Hefner!

Playboy: The Mansion offers gamers the chance to run the Playboy empire, with everything from choosing girls for photo-shoots, throwing celebrity-packed parties, selecting the décor for the mansion and deciding on what colour of dressing gown to step out in.


You can look forward to such pleasures as standing in a room with two scantily clad lovelies and the option of whether to compliment them or indulge in some business or romantic talk. If we had a top ten screenshots of the year list, we think that one with Hugh spinning on his head, would make it all the way to the top.

Of course, it could just be a tawdry Sims rip-off that will struggle to arouse even the most acne-riddled and blue-balled thirteen-year-old. But we hope not.

Playboy: The Mansion splurges onto PS2, Xbox and PC from Febrauary 25 next year.