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Win EverQuest II, dedicated EQ II Z-boards and special EQII goodies!

A whole world of online adventure awaits in our exclusive EQ II giveaway

EverQuest has been one of the most popular, enduring massively multiplayer online games in the world, and it's cast such a stellar spell, that many users know it as EverCrack - it really is that addictive.

So when a legendary game like EQ spawns an epic sequel. you can bet the online world sits up and takes notice and with EverQuest II released at the beginning of this very month, we've teamed up with publisher Ubi Soft to offer three lucky readers a chance to win:

Three copies of the game:

Dedicated EverQuest II Z-Board keyboards

Exclusive EverQuest II T-Shirts.


If you've never adventured online before now's your chance to plunge into a whole new world of adventure, and if you're an EQ veteran then there'll be much that's familiar, but a ton of new goodies too as EQ II features:

16 Race and 50 levels with a branching class system that let's you choose your own heroic path as you advance.

A massive online world to explore with thousands of other players filled with danger, adventure and mystery

Unparalleled character customisation capabilities.

New user friendly game mechanics with reduced learning curve for both new and seasoned players

More than 160 unique creature types, from Orcs and Goblins to huge dragons and menacing Living Statues

A state-of-the-art, cinematic quality 3D graphics engine capable of improving as hardware technology advances.

All this could be yours by answering this simple question: