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Pro Evo 4's Beautiful Demo Ready for Kick Off

Get beat as England in this exhibition match taster of PC Pro Evo Soccer 4

Really we should all be hating Pro Evolution Soccer 4. Ever since the PS2 and Xbox versions arrived on our desks recently, office lunch breaks have descended into heated footy tournaments that have meant no-one has eaten any sandwiches for the past month. The CVG staff's combined weight now stands at less than 16 stone and standing next to each other, we probably resemble Naomi Campbell's left leg.

Still, pleasure rarely arrives without pain, and Konami's utterly brilliant footy game is certainly worth the effort. The splendid news is that a demo of the debutant PC version is now available (the full game releases this Friday along with the Xbox version), giving home computer players a taster of its crisp passing, amazing technicalities and Wayne Rooney's fat backside.

There is a choice of four teams available for downloaders. Depending on your allegiance, you can switch between boring England, even more boring Sweden, diving Italy and current pin-up boys of the anti-racism campaign Spain. The 70Mb demo we present here is shorn of commentary, meaning all of the crap, out-of-place narration has gone. Thankfully there's no obscene monkey chanting either.

Pro Evo 4 PC demo
Download here