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Final Fantasy XII keeps on sliding

Can you wait a little bit longer for your next dose of fantasy made reality? Actually, you don't have much choice...

Fancy some Final Fantasy XII before next March? Forget it. Square Enix has announced that the next instalment in the deliciously confusing RPG series will not be released in Japan before the end of the company's financial year: March 31.

While FFXII never had a confirmed release date in the first place (it was meant to be out in the summer before slipping to next year, ferchrissakes) the news does mean that we won't see it released in Japan until at least April. Which helps us to pin it down, albeit in an increasingly depressing way.

And of course, because us UK, European and US gamers are stuck in a FF timewarp, we won't get to see it until even later. We quizzed Square as to the game's release date in territories outside of Japan, but they haven't made an announcement on the US and European launches yet. We reckon it'll be well into the second half of 2005 - and that's if the Japanese release isn't delayed further.

But hey! Don't weep all over your Chocobo! Grab a Moogle and dry those eyes, chief! If you point your mouse-propelled weapon at this here link, you can chip away at the months with a cornucopia of FFXII screens, movies and info.