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THQ make tactical FSW PS2 strike

An official announcement has been issued by THQ regarding the upcoming PS2 version of Full Spectrum Warrior

As we reported last month (you read it here first kids), Pandemic Studios' tactical-tastic Full Spectrum Warrior is coming to PS2 in early 2005. THQ made the official announcement yesterday, but sadly has not been forthcoming with details other than making the bold claim that PS2 FSW will match the Xbox and PC versions for graphical muscle and uncanny AI.

The conversion is a joint effort between Pandemic Studios who created the original FSW, and Mass Media (Metal Arms, Shrek Super Party, Muppets Party Cruise). Pandemic is reported to be very pleased with the handling of the translation, praising Mass Media for an "incredible job".

FSW is quite a departure from past Mass Media projects, and David Todd, CEO of the studio is quoted as saying that they are "proud to be associated with the brand".

Soon as any more details emerge regarding possible online modes or features exclusive to PS2, we'll of course let you know.