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Legend of Zelda screens splurge

New pix of Link's newest adventure emerge...

Well we say splurge, but actually there's just the three to content yourself with for the moment. Mind you, that still counts as a splurge given how little we've seen of this title, outside of the E3 teaser movie and Shigeru Miyamoto's brief comments.

Still quality always counts more than quantity in our book and there's certainly much to admire in these three new Legend of Zelda screens, which provide a welcome insight into what's going to be a landmark Cube action adventure next year.


It also quite possibly signals (moving into the realms of rampant speculation here) Link's curtain call on current generation consoles. We'd be very surprised indeed if some kind of Zelda title wasn't heading up the Revolution's most wanted list as Nintendo gear up for the launch of their new console, which will make its first appearance at next year's E3.

Legend of Zelda is currently only a working title, but what we do know is that it marks a more adult departure for the best-selling series and the new 3D engine which is gloriously displayed here, certainly seems in keeping with that more grown up feel.

From these small clues we can expect sumptuous cut scenes and some intriguing storytelling and the last two screens look like some actual in-game action. Rather nice, we trust you'll agree.

Savour them for the moment Link fans, we'll be hoping to bring you a lot more on this one...