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Age of Empires III lies in waiting?

Opening page on developer website points to a possible mystery announcement. What could it be?

Although an Age of Empires III rumour story was run way back, before the dawn of time and while Cliff Richard was just a little boy (well, okay, in June 2001 but you get the point), according to speculation, developer Ensemble Studios could actually be - gulp - poised to officially announce the game. Will the amazement never cease?

A quick visit to the company's website opens with a black background emblazoned with large, white letters pronouncing THE WAIT IS ALMOST OVER. Ooh, what could it mean? Well, seeing that American magazine Computer Gaming World has reportedly ran an article on Age of Empires III, the clever money may certainly be wavering towards the announcement of that particular title.

Oh well. Like us, you'll just have to wait and see. If it is on the cards though, expect it to be big. Oh, and published by Microsoft too. With lots of battles, building, technology development and stuff. You know the drill.