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How much is the Nintendoggy in the dual window?

New Nintendogs screens let off the leash

Nintendogs have got to be our favorite breed of dogs, they don't smell, make noise or jump all over your mates and you can turn them off (now that's my type of bitch). We could tell you that there were loads of dogfights and races to enter but we'd be lying as we don't have that many details. But you've gotta wonder what the mobile phone symbol is there for? To phone up Rolf on Animal Hospital maybe?

On a more serious note though, there are some pretty cool features in Nintendogs, you can train your mutts with vocal instructions using the DS's in-built mic, train them to sit when you say 'sit' or if you really want to impress your friends and confuse the poor puppies you can train them to sit when you say 'stand' or stand when you say 'sit'.

Confused? So are we now, but one things for sure Barbara Woodhouse never had it this easy....