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Pro Evo 4 Live losers take the early bath...

Only sing when you're winning?

The beautiful game? Of course it is, unless the opposition de-materialises before the end of the match and your 5-0 walkover suddenly gets referred to the Pools panel.

Not a problem that plagues any of the Premiership's big boys one would suspect, but an annoying prospect on Xbox Live if you're trying to build your team of strugglers into a championship-winning outfit in Konami's freshly released Pro Evo 4 for Xbox.

The latest wave of "if I can't win, I'm not playing" has apparently hit Xbox Live players of Konami's magnum opus even though it was only released on Friday, with some spoilsports and bad losers quitting games before the full 90 minutes are up, in order to preserve their gamer rankings.

Apparently bailing out of Pro Evo games for the proverbial early bath does you no harm at all, unlike its FIFA equivalent where defaulters automatically catch a 3-0 hiding.

To Pro Evo losers, we say: shame on you, take it like a man, or don't take it all.

When contacted a spokesperson for Konami said that they had "no comment at this time" to make on the issue. However, with Xbox Live's ability to patch and modify featured games it would come as no surprise to find this issue addressed in forthcoming scheduled updates and we suspect Microsoft would certainly back this, given how seriously it takes Live and any apparent cheating or sharp practice.

It would certainly seem a matter for urgency for Konami, given the understandable feelings of rage and frustration experienced by many non-quitting players. Some indeed are banding together and adopting a policy of 'name and shame' quitters on the games message boards.

Bad losers, you have been warned. We'll have more as it happens.