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Go go Katamari, do the sequel

Cult Japanese ball-roller gets follow up but European gamers unlikely to fondle the fun

If you looked at the headline to this story and thought "eh?" you probably won't get a kick out of this. But if you're one of the select few PS2 gamers who've sampled the delights of Namco's Katamari Damacy on import, get ready for more mental rolling madness.

In a financial report on their official Japanese website developer Namco has announced that a Katamari sequel is in production and should hit Japanese shelves sometime during fiscal year 2005, which runs from April 1 2005 to March 31 2006.

No US or European dates were discussed. Indeed, while American gamers have enjoyed Katamari at a budget price for a while now, Namco hasn't even released the original game in Europe. While internet reports suggest that the sequel may get a worldwide release (while the original disappears into the mists of history) there's no firm confirmation on this from Namco.

Katamari Damacy is one of those rare Japanese games that's properly mad yet easy to get into - and ace fun to play - because of pukka gameplay mechanics. It's a bit like Marble Madness dipped in treacle: you play a little alien who rolls around picking up stuff, making himself bigger and therefore able to pick up bigger things until you basically suck up the world. Obviously.

It also features the best intro sequence and accompanying music ever in a videogame. Fact.

You can read Katamari Damacy as a comment on the destructive consumerism of Western society or just enjoy trundling around picking up dogs, humans and skyscrapers. Either way we hope Namco see sense and treat European gamers and grant Katamari 2 a worldwide release.

More news on Katamari Damacy if it rolls our way.