Fahrenheit relationship with Vivendi turns frosty

Developer Quantic Dream turns down the temperature on Fahrenheit

Quantic Dream's relationship with Vivendi has gone kaput, the developer announcing that it's terminated the joint co-production and publishing agreement it had with the publisher on adventure mystery Fahrenheit.

According to Quantic Dream, the termination allows the company to "pursue the development of the game on its own and to seek another partner for publishing the game currently in final stage of production for PS2, X-BOX and PC."

Quantic adds that several other publishers have already shown interest in Fahrenheit. An announcement on a new publishing deal is expected later today.

Fahrenheit is described as a "paranormal thriller", the adventure set in near future New York and revolving around a serial murder spree. Players will get to assume to roles of both hunters and fugitive during the story, a system called MultiView Cinema Control promising an interesting interactive approach to plot relating.