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Check your six! First Rainbow Six 4 movie hits

You've seen the screenshots, now check out the first teaser trailer from Team Rainbow's next operation

Rainbow Six 4 (working title), the inevitable next instalment in the tactical shooter series, was officially unveiled by Ubisoft yesterday, first details on the sequel accompanied by an initial screenshot splurge.

Following today is the first Rainbow Six 4 teaser trailer - featuring plenty of gameplay - to make you go misty-eyed at the thought of downing those dirty tangos with a fut-fut-fut of silencer fire.

Not surprisingly Rainbow Six 4 finds you in charge of crack Special Forces squad Team Rainbow, events kicking off with the unit tackling a bio-terrorist threat but suddenly finding itself targeted by a terrorist organisation.

In development for PC, Xbox and PS2 at Red Storm and Ubisoft Montreal, the fourth game in the franchise gets the green light for new operations in Spring 2005.

Rainbow Six 4 movie
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