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New PES4 patch tackles PC quitters

Nowhere to run; so take your beating like a man...

Bad news for all you quitters out there, the new PES 4 1.10 PC patch means you have to stick around till the final whistle no matter the score, who knows you could get hit by double figures now; just remember no matter what you should always play for fun and fight to the 90th minute - the football pitch is a battlefield!

The patch addresses a problem for PES fans playing on both PC and Xbox Live have been experiencing, as we reported here. Hopefully Konami will develop a similar patch for Xbox gamers, which could lead to more matches finishing with the true result.

But the patch doesn't just get rid of the stale smell of quitters; it also kicks a lot of the slowdown experienced playing on and offline into touch.

Not the final answer but definitely a step in the right direction!

Pro Evolution Soccer 4 PC patch
Download here