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Eyeball Far Cry developer's new tech demo

If you have tears, prepare to shed them now - Crytek's latest iteration of its CryEngine looking snazzy

Far Cry dev studio Crytek and graphics chip manufacturer ATi have combined forces to release a new CryEngine tech demo showcasing Crytek's latest version of its proprietary CryEngine.

Described as a "realtime interactive CGI movie", the tech demo is a film featurette called The Project which has been designed to show off the "capabilities of the new ATI Radeon X800 XT and Platinum Edition for Hollywood-style 'machinima' - photo-realistic cinematic computing that promises to change the way you'll game in the future!"


What is perhaps of more interest to gamers is that the version of CryEngine showcased in the tech demo is the technology that'll be used to power Crytek's next title - apparently the tech is optimised to run on ATi's Radeon X800 XT series and the new Radeon PCI Express graphics boards.

Little is currently know about Crytek's post Far Cry venture. We have to trip back to July this year to locate the only info we have at this time, when it was announced that the developer had entered into partnership with EA to create "an exciting new game franchise for the PC based on original intellectual property".

You can either download an installation version of the tech demo (which caused smoke to vent from our work machines) or watch it in movie form. Hit the link below for the goods.

CryEngine tech demo - "The Project"
Download here