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Devil May Cry 3 wells up next March

Final European and Japanese release dates revealed for Dante's next outing

Dry your eyes, DMC fans. Capcom has finally announced a confirmed European release date for the third game in the demon-dicing hack-n-slasher series.

March 23 is the day of Dante's PS2 return, or February 17 if you happen to live in Japan (konichiwa to you). It's nice to finally have the date nailed down since it's been slipping back in the schedules for a while now.

Devil May Cry 3 marks the debut of Dante's long-lost brother Vergil to the series. Both were sired by the same demon daddy, Sparda, but while Dante went all Luke Skywalker and joined the forces of good, Vergil did the decent thing and went to the darkside. Now it's time for them to meet up and get to know each other, possibly a little like old-school Cilla Black tear-jerker Surprise Surprise, but with more swords, guns and zombies.

Playing as Dante you'll be able to develop and switch between several distinct fighting styles: Trickster, Gunslinger, Sword Master, and Royal Guard. We thought there were only four of these disciplines, but a listing on Capcom's website claims there are now six...

We've heard about two new weapons which could be connected to these mysterious extra fighting styles: the Gauntlet and Artemis. The Gauntlet seems to be a melee weapon that hits with extra hot sauce up close but slows you down, while Artemis lets you attack multiple enemies from a distance. We reckon it's some kind of enchanted bow-and-arrow affair, because Artemis is the Greek goddess of hunting and was pretty handy with her bow. Thank God for that Greek mythology course we took. And Google.

New powers are also promised for sending demons back to the afterlife with particularly dandyish flair.

We'll endeavour to get hands-on with DMC3 as soon as possible. Stay tuned, and check out our hellish archive of DMC3 info, movies and screens here.