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We took a peek at Sammy's undead shooter DarkWatch, and are pleased to report it looks set to be far more than an exercise in peppering lumbering scythe-swishing zombies with lead shot.

As Jericho Cross, a cursed gunslinger with vampire blood coursing through his veins, we'll be faced with a unique choice - whether to seek and destroy the undead (thereby ending the curse), or succumb to the bloodlust and turn into a demonic killing machine. Every kill you make (or don't make for that matter) will affect your reputation through the West, effectively making DarkWatch an FPS RPG.


The main antagonist Tala will appear as a dark muse offering advice, temptation and glory if you opt to follow her. Her promises will lead Jericho down a darker road filled with greater powers, but if you choose the path of righteousness things will get a lot more difficult. Tala will send battalions of undead outlaws your way, the vampire curse will try harder to bend you to its will, and you'll need to find ever more inventive ways to protect yourself. You're really going to have to think your way out of trouble - a difficult task when every vampire in the land has got a straw in your face and is trying to suck your innards out through your ears...