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Will of Steel: movie exclusive

Three brand new movies showing GMX's voice-controlled finest

Will of Steel is GMX Media's new modern military PC RTS and ahead of the game's release in February, the makers have released three exclusive movies to us so you can see the game in action for yourselves.

Will of Steel places you in the combat boots of Marine officer, William Steel who assumes command of a US combat battalion and must defeat opposing in forces in hostile locations inspired by modern theatres of conflict.
Apparently drawing its enemy AI from tactics and strategies used in the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, Will of Steel will also involve some RPG-style progression, where missions completed earn medals and citations which can be used to add extra abilities including the likes of special forces teams, satellite reconnaissance and air strikes.
Most interesting is Will of Steel's voice command features, whereby using just your mouse and your own dulcet tones you can issue orders and formulate strategies for all the units under your command.


These first three movies are drawn from the game's Iraq missions and GMX have the provided the following tactical briefing for each:

Iraq mission one
Allied forces attempt to take control of a fiercely guarded enemy stronghold in a hidden desert location. The attack comprises two combat groups moving simultaneously towards the enemy location at rapid speeds. M1 Abrams tanks are the backbone of the allied assault, and air superiority is demonstrated by Cayuse combat helicopters bombarding the enemy from above.

Iraq mission two
A night mission takes a turn for the worse when Allied forces are ambushed by a mechanized enemy division. Check out the lone engineer as he disables an enemy mine, and then proceeds to destroy a long range launcher with a remote controlled explosive.

Iraq mission three
A full scale battle erupts when forces collide on an open road in the Iraq desert. Coming under heavy fire, allied forces seek to even the playing field by calling in Air Strikes to deal with heavy artillery and overwhelming infantry numbers.

Will of Steel Gameplay movies
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