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Doin' it for the cash: New Mercenaries screens, website launch

Let slip the dogs of war. Woof

LucasArts has launched the official website for its PS2 and Xbox action game Mercenaries, the title's home on the internet pack with info, trailers, screenshots (a selection of which we've uploaded to this very page) and quite possibly a kitchen sink hidden in its depths. There's also some crazy interactive stuff to experience, which includes gunning down unsuspecting troops and hijacking a helicopter. It entertained us for at least 2.2 seconds.

Mercenaries is being developed by Pandemic Studios - the studio behind Star Wars: Battlefront and Full Spectrum Warrior - and is a third-person action fest set in near-future North Korea. Players can strap on the battle-for-cash boots of three different mercenaries, a feature that extends playability with each character's differing abilities affecting the gameplay.

Check out the Mercenaries website here.