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Phantom Dust set for the US

But will it materialise in the UK? Majesco aren't telling us yet...

Highly rated Japanese Xbox title Phantom Dust is heading west thanks to Majesco who have announced plans to release the game in the US this winter.

Already a success in Japan where it has earned a coveted score of 34 out of 40 from Japanese uber-games mag Famitsu, Phantom Dust is an anime-inspired game set in a post-apocalyptic era where chaos on the Earth's surface has forced people underground for safety.

Players must journey above ground in a quest to learn who and what was behind the destruction, but the surface is a place of deadly evil filled with unimaginable abominations. It is also home to mysterious particles known only as Phantom Dust, a force unlike any other that has given some members of the human race unimaginable super powers.

Phantom Dust will make full use of Xbox Live by allowing players to obtain and trade more than 300 of the games skills online and compete in Live battles.

There's no solid word yet on a UK release date, but we'll bring you the info as soon as we receive it.