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Eye-up new Project: Snowblind movie, screens

Crystal Dynamic's vision of near-future warfare unloads with both barrels

Project: Snowblind, known as Deus Ex: Clan Wars in a former life, is Crystal Dynamic's FPS in development for PC, PS2 and Xbox that transports players to Hong Kong, 2065, and shoves them into the combat boots of elite super solider Nathan Frost and the frontlines of futuristic warfare. Expect action, lots and lots of action, as Frost battles to save the world with a heap of firepower, high-tech gadgets and bio-enhancements at his disposal.

Eidos' released Project: Snowblind movie runs for just under two minutes and, should the title intrigue you, is most definitely worth a gander as it offers insight into the type of gameplay experience on offer. And don't forget to check out the new screenshots.


Project: Snowblind is due in February 2005.

Project: Snowblind movie
Download here