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Join the family: hot new Godfather trailer

Take a look at EA's vision of the Cosa Nostra and remember - it's not personal, it's strictly business

Seems like gangster games are pretty big business these days. First GTA: Vice City brought the eighties' mobster vibe, then our leetle friend Tony Montana himself shows up in Vivendi's licensed Scarface game, and now EA is preparing to unveil the Don of them all: The Godfather.

We've had precious little information on the adaptation of the classic novel and 1972 mob flick since it showed up in EA's financial forecasts for the upcoming year - including what formats it'll show up on. Now the capos have given you the go ahead to meet the Don himself in this short teaser trailer.

Unfortunately there's not even a trace of gameplay footage on offer, or even any clues as to how that gameplay will pan out. What you do have is an exquisitely modelled Don Corleone making - you guessed it - an offer you can't refuse.

Which is great, but does leave us salivating for solid gameplay details. Will EA surprise us with an action-strategy masterpiece that puts you in the patent loafers of the Don, or will iy play it safe with a foul-mouthed, blood-soaked GTA rip-off? And what features do you think would make The Godfather the perfect gangster game?

Take a look and stay tuned for more information as the Autumn 2005 release looms - or you might find yourself sleeping with the fishes like Luca Brasi.

The Godfather teaser trailer
Download here