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Xbox summons Demon Stone screens

Ten new shots from the Xbox version of Atari's hack 'n' slash epic

Unsheathe thy blade, wily adventurer, and venture into the world of Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone. Or something. Already brandishing its sword on PS2, the hack 'n' slash epic from developer Stormfront Studios will be cutting a swathe onto Xbox in February 2005. Publisher Atari has released ten new screenshots of the latest version for us to gawp at.

Set in the well-known Dungeons & Dragons campaign world Forgotten Realms, Demon Stone finds players in control of a party of three fantasy type folk and doing battle with dragons, trolls, orcs and other creatures in fantasy environments nabbed from the universe. Adding kudos is quite an impressive voice actor line-up, including Shakespearian luvvie Patrick Stewart and Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile) and a plot penned by author R.A. Salvatore.